I will be missing week 3 of this first front end fundamentals module. Concurrently, I am doing a masters (this scheduling was not at all my choice and you know, life happens).

My program is in organizational communications with a concentration in leadership. For this class we are consulting with clients on actual issues they have and need to present them with a solution. That involves going on-site to their offices and factories as necessary.

I am determined to spend travel time and any downtime (if there is any) continuing with Iron Yards online lessons. This will be a challenge for me. My masters program was entirely online and I did struggle to set a disciplined schedule to study. With this web dev class, being in an actual class provided that basic infrastructure for study habits.

Yes, I realize I’m an adult and need to master such things as being disciplined, but it is still a work in progress. Also, these habits are best formed early on. Similar to a previous post in which I expressed the need for understanding learning styles, creating productive study and organization habits goes hand in hand with that. Though, I am very organized, but it’s the lack of discipline for studying.

Note, this is just for studying/reading. Not working. When I have actual work to do as in this class, I enjoy it. I am referring to my struggle to find motivation to read the lessons.

So, now I have a list of topics for next week and have my own list of what I want to accomplish in order to catch up when I return.

Let’s see what actually happens.