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Illustration by Violeta Noy for Google

Mahima Pushkarna | UX Designer, People + AI Research

I tend to wear many hats — UI/UX, visual design, strategy and design research — but overall I work on innovative tools and frameworks for understanding machine learning models and interpreting their “decisions.” This creates better human-AI partnerships, such as helping doctors diagnose cancer. You can see some of my design work in the What-If Tool and Facets, and other tools that have been widely used to advance better practices in machine learning. At PAIR, I also get to study the impact of design on AI, and vice versa.

Outside of work, I hope before too long to be spending way too much time gardening in my community garden, as well as pampering my larger-than-life dog, and obsessing over paint swatches. …

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An evolving list of short reads, examples and views on information design, visual design, design and the art of data visualization from all across the web (and medium).

From the Web

An Interview with Amanda Cox

Perception in Visualization, Christopher Healey

Data Portraits, Judith Donath, Alex Dragulescu, Aaron Zinman, Fernanda Viégas, Rebecca Xiong

Cartogram Home, Ian Bortins and Steve Demers under the direction of Dr. Keith Clarke. Note: This website was last updated in 2002.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning, Stephanie Yee and Tony Chu; An excellent example of the use of visualizations to explain machine learning by integrating a strong narrative.

7 data visualization types you should be using more by Evan Sinar on…

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PPUA 6302 will introduce you to various concepts in information design and visual analytics over 12 classes. Over the semester, you will attend five lecture classes with in-class exercises and five studio classes where you shall receive feedback on the three projects that you will be working on through the semester. We’ll also have two presentation days, for you to present the final outcomes of your projects to your peers, faculty and possibly, guests.

Start with some light reading for some perspective on design:
8 Unintuitive Lessons on Being a Designer by Julie Zhuo.

Course Objectives and Policies

PPUA 6302 will focus on the communication of insights found in data using visual principles introduced in the class. At the end of the class, you should be able to tell a compelling and convincing data story using visualizations. …


Mahima Pushkarna

Design @Google AI, People + AI Research Initiative. Designing 'stuff' for human-centered machine learning and model understanding.

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