Design your Fitness routine and improve at everything you do

I’ve been hitting the Gym since last 3 years, but it’s been an On and Off relationship due to Travelling, Career goals, health issues.

But there’s a lot that I have learned from my On/Off relationship with fitness. Every time I started, I was almost near to achieving my goals, Abs popped out, chest took its rock hard shape, this time even the legs muscles pumped and took shape and it was inspiring me to go on and become the best version of myself.

For the most of it, following fitness gives me more strength to push my boundaries and it does better than anything else. It gives me clarity and new ways of looking at things and the best part is it keeps me (I used to be lazy AF) active for the most part of the day.

The millennial lifestyle is very different from the previous generations and so there are few people who can guide you personally to achieve the success you desire. Social Media is there which tells you how others have already made it big and are travelling the world. Ultimately I gave up and Deleted Social Media Apps from my Phone, to achieve inner peace and not compare my journey with others.

Having a bad phase or call it depressing is usual in the early years of career, especially for someone who is highly ambitious, but is unaware of how this body and mind actually works, how habits are formed, and how to prepare yourself to achieve what you desire.

Until Dec 2016, I was in great shape, following nutrition, Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to shred plan and tips from the Everything was working great, until I had a serious digestion and stomach problem, which made me quit for sometime and ultimately for a longer period of time, then I moved to Dubai for a project, and I was over occupied with my new working schedule and fitness got neglected. This journey had a lot of ups and downs.

To be honest, I felt depressed for 2 months and by that I was unable to move out, take action, I was completely frozen, confused with my thoughts, and unable to do anything I should have done.

I had to start again and I was looking for some opportunity to strike, because I was unable to start on my own, and when I looked in the mirror, the Abs are packed deep inside a thick layer of belly, the chest has gone loose and that hard work is gone in 6 months, no more i look anywhere like a fitness enthusiast.

A local Gym started a fitness month plan with a mix of Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, running and Weight exercises. Joining Aerobics was one of the best mind shift I made on trying something new. I got excited as I always wanted to try these things and new activities excite my veins. So, I gave it a try to warm myself up until I am completely prepared to hit it hard.

When I look back now I observed that never ever when I followed a fit schedule, I felt anywhere near depressed. Fitness motivates you, helps you adapt to pain, go beyond your current limits and again adapt to it, improve, do more and become the best version of yourself. It gives you inner strength, clears your mind from the unnecessary and keeps you active to work on your goals and helps you become a Go Getter.

The shape can be rebuilt, and I still have that stamina inside me, I know how far i’ve been and it will take me some days to reach that level again, but this time i am going harder, better, stronger. And in no case I am giving up on it, this is going to be my lifestyle for the rest of my life.

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