5 Steps Towards Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

Mahir Ahmed
Dec 6, 2017 · 2 min read
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With the New Year comes new goals, and the desire to be the best version of yourself. Just as being alive to every moment enriches your life, you know that you have goals and ideas that you’d like to work on for the future. Valuing your good qualities, while expanding your potential will assist you with your personal growth.

1. Dream

Whether your goal is about developing your talents, improving your relationships, or going on a pilgrimage, understanding how you would like to grow, or which direction you would like to take is an important part of the process. By exploring your dreams, you are able to access your own deep desires and bring them to life.

2. Share

Once you understand your goals or desires, begin by sharing them. You can allow your dreams to unfold by sharing them in a journal. You may like to create a mood board, or a photo gallery, if your dreams involve a visual experience or even a journey. Sharing your goals with friends will help you to view them from a different angle. By sharing your dreams, you acknowledge the changes you would like to make to your life.

3. Acquire knowledge

Once your goal is starting to become clearer, it is time to find ways to bring this dream to life. This might require further knowledge. In our current times, the internet might be your best friend. The internet offers options for online courses, which could prepare you to achieve your goals, develop your relationships, or learn new skills. Online courses are often flexible, and can be adjusted to suit your schedule. Don’t be afraid to admit how little you know. A new goal will always require you to push your limits.

4. Design

Once you have the knowledge you need to proceed or move forward, it might be time to work towards future plans. You could brainstorm with friends about how to bring your dreams to life, or take small actions which allow you to move in the right direction. Don’t worry about trying to get everything right, or try to do too much at once. Change takes time.

5. Be flexible

While trying to bring your dreams to life, you will be moving into new and uncharted territory. This means that you’ll need to find your way.

Eventually, change will begin to feel familiar, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Until then, allow the process to unfold in new and dynamic ways. This means giving yourself space to make mistakes, and allowing yourself time to become familiar with new processes. Don’t rush, but allow the nuances of your journey to emerge gradually, until you find your way.

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