Mahjong Meta raises $12 million Led by Dragonfly as the platform launches with a bang.

Mahjong Meta
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Mahjong Meta, an on-chain web3 Riichi Mahjong esports gaming platform, announced its recent funding round, led by Dragonfly, a global crypto investment firm. The funding will fuel Mahjong Meta’s product development and web3 gaming ecosystem expansion, further enhancing the gaming experience for players and expanding its global reach.

Brice Vong, the founder of Mahjong Meta, expressed, “We are honored to have Dragonfly as our lead investor. Web3 and crypto are poised to revolutionize the gaming industry, creating a decentralized and innovative ecosystem that will pave the way for a global and immersive gaming experience. We share the same visionary outlook with Dragonfly for this promising future, and Dragonfly brings invaluable support and expertise to our journey.”

Mahjong Meta successfully launched its beta test on May 12th, delivering a pioneering web3 experience to mahjong enthusiasts. Over the course of two months, the open beta garnered significant attention, attracting more than 15,000 players who engaged in over 490,000 matches. Mahjong Meta attributes the performance of the beta to its integration of web3 ownership economics, innovative AI-based gameplay, and stylish graphic design.

In Mahjong Meta, players can not only participate in various matches such as Ranking, Tournaments, or Playgrounds with other real players, but can also deploy their pets, known as “Tama,” equipped with customized AI strategies for automatic mahjong battles. This feature was designed to greatly reduce the barrier for new mahjong players and web3 users, making the gaming experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Other participants in the round included Folius Ventures, Meteorite Labs, Find Satoshi Lab, Parallel Ventures and Emoote.

About Mahjong Meta:

Mahjong Meta is a web3 gaming platform dedicated to mahjong esports and an on-chain mahjong theme park for all players. Comprising seasoned professionals from leading gaming corporations such as Tencent, NetEase, and Lilith, the core team channels inspiration from the timeless and cherished game of Mahjong. This classic game is vastly popular with more

than 600 million players globally. By integrating strategic gameplay, social engagement, intellectual challenge, and elements of chance with the principles of the web3 ownership economy, Mahjong Meta has positioned itself as an exciting frontier in the realm of crypto gaming. To explore further, visit

On August 7th, Mahjong Meta officially launched its Mahjong platform, bringing all the fun of the game to the crypto world. The success of the official launch followed the same trajectory as the Beta version, attracting thousands of players to the platform.
To play Mahjong Meta, visit the link below:

About Dragonfly:

Dragonfly is a global, crypto-focused investment firm that partners with crypto founders in all stages of development, from seed to series D. Dragonfly works closely with founders to address their most pressing challenges in technology, product development, and market strategy. For more information, please visit

Final Considerations

Mahjong Meta has consistently achieved remarkable milestones since the beginning of its journey. We were born and have grown with a solid goal in mind: to bring our expertise in mahjong to the blockchain world, all while infusing grace and fun into the experience.

We extend our gratitude to all the investors who have placed their trust in us for this mission. And we also want to thank you, the mahjong enthusiasts, players, and members of the Mahjong Meta community.

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