Success synonymous with effort

Edhi shb section

Abdul Sattar Edhi an example of humanity. He helped every needy people regardless of religion caste etc. He worked for humanitarianism and he was man of action. He was doing hard work. His focus on hard work and he started selling pencils and matchbox in street. He spent half of his earned money on needy people. He never give up because he believed on his hard work.when he discovered his passion he had done great hard work to achieve his goals.He sold pencils and matchbox in street for helping needy people .He hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule he believed he could win. I also used this principle in my life. From kg to 9th class I was not a good student. I passed every class just taking passing marks. But when I realized I need to do some more effort for achieving my goals. then I started hard work. I also believe success is synonymous with effort. So I received reward of hard work in shape of A+ grade in matric and A+ in fsc. After completing fsc I had no resource to continue my further study then I starting job in kfc and got admission in HCBF,PU. when i started job i washed washroom but still my believe on hard work.Now ALHAMDULIL ALLAH I achieve a lot goals of because of hard work. if i dn’t do hard work in my life probably i am not writing this story.

Just start

I am not good in speaking English. I planned a lot times to take some initiate to learn English language properly. I thought English language is very difficult I can’t learn this. I wanted to learn English because my all subjects of graduation if i don’t know how am i reading? how can i learn from it? That’s why i want to learn English language. In the past when i tried to learn a fear came in my mind that you can’t do it because i have no idea which or where a form or proposition is used in english.

So After taking Amal lectures and understanding concept of just starting I decided to start course of English language.

Then I search a complete English learning course on internet. At last I find a very comprehensive English learning course in name of English Today which is made by oxford university team. This is a best course that I have ever seen. This course containing of 26 lectures videos.

After finding a course I made a proper schedule that when will I watch videos of this course. I select a timing of early morning because I think mind pick and absorb many things as compared to remaining timing.

So, I finally I started to watch the videos of English Today. Now I am to able to speak read listening easily as compared to before stating this course. Even if I watched only 5 videos.

Link of this Course given below: