Human quest to achieve economic stability has uplifted several nations while others are still in despair, the United States has long won the war by providing fairground to startups.

Mahmood Mustapha knows how to get around. Growing up in Nigeria, he spent most of his break-time peeping through the window of his high school computer lab and trying to mimic the task he saw people accomplishing after school hours for more than half a decade, as a newbie he focused on how the computer operates; disassembling and reassembling PC, learnt the basics of computer networking and further develop interest in software and hardware's that makes the computer fascinating.

In his years of self-learning and the quest to become tech savvy he became a technology resource to his community, state…

Scaling is at the forefront of all Startup company worldwide with one goal to succeed, any startup can take their business from the local scale to the global market.

Mahmood Mustapha, Founder at FiLab

All things started simple, small and little. But with dedication, you can take everything to the next level while reaping the fruits of your hard labor. Everything starts in your inner self. Work from there and surely, things will come out great and successful.

The door for every startup entrepreneur is always open. All you have to do is to seize all opportunity and make your business goals a reality. The…

Our founder has crossed path with thought leaders, Professors, industry experts, and executives across different events in 2016 from the world’s Financial capital city of New York, to the very place where most the world renown companies are coined; Silicon Valley California, the hall of power in Washington DC and to Miami; The Starting Gate — to Latin America/Caribbean startup.

“Is the most immersive experience in a year I ever had — to imagine, learn, and build the future of connectivity rather than isolation, full of products and services for the advancement of humanity. “— Mahmood Mustapha Founder, FiLab


Mahmood Mustapha

Human-centric / future-focused re(searcher) - fervor in pursuit of innovation.

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