3 reasons to access the United States entrepreneurship gold mine.

Human quest to achieve economic stability has uplifted several nations while others are still in despair, the United States has long won the war by providing fairground to startups.

Mahmood Mustapha
Jul 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Mahmood Mustapha knows how to get around. Growing up in Nigeria, he spent most of his break-time peeping through the window of his high school computer lab and trying to mimic the task he saw people accomplishing after school hours for more than half a decade, as a newbie he focused on how the computer operates; disassembling and reassembling PC, learnt the basics of computer networking and further develop interest in software and hardware's that makes the computer fascinating.

In his years of self-learning and the quest to become tech savvy he became a technology resource to his community, state and the nation at large having worked alongside mind likes across the six geo-political zone in Nigeria.

Mahmood Mustapha, Founding Partner & Futurist at FiLab

In 2004, Mahmood envisioned having a firm that will produce sustainable solution to the challenges people face on daily basis ranging from energy, agriculture, environment, security, education and more, five years later the idea became the foundation of what we now know as FiLab — an innovation think tank Lab conceived as result of Mahmood’s discovery that great companies are built out of years and years of R&D by dedicated researchers across various institutions around the world, empowered with resources to carry out different experiments that will yield positive impact on humanity.

As he says we are about to radically reshape the business world, to put a balance between products and services that truly make impact in proportion to the revenues a business should generate.

“ Our excitement at this impact speaks to where our hearts lie at this company: To Explore, Connect, Ideate, Create and Nurture; transforming people and communities to become the epitome of excellence in all ramification of life.” — Mahmood Mustapha, Founding Partner & Futurist, FiLab

It’s not surprise that Mahmood’s approach was monumental and here is why they are exploring new ground.

1.Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

United States has always been a nation of entrepreneurs, the upstarts who take risks and challenge the established order so they can build a better life.

Although the foreign-born are only an eighth of America’s population, a quarter of high-tech start-ups have an immigrant founder.

2. Technology Infrastructure
The United States ranks first in terms of its efficiency enhancers, which include such factors as higher education, labor, financial and goods markets that contribute to an efficient economy. It also ranks sixth in innovation and sophistication factors.

Many leaders understand that yesterday’s technology infrastructure cannot withstand tomorrow’s competitive demands. They need an agile technology foundation. One that’s able to adapt to new products and business models. Scale up or down to meet demand. Harness greater computing power. Improve reliability and performance. Stand up to cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. And more. Fulfilling these expectations requires more than technical know-how; effective technology leaders must also develop a business mindset.

3. Access to Capital

The United States hosts the most developed, liquid, flexible, and efficient financial markets in the world. A wide range of funding sources — from banks and investment firms to venture capitalists and angel investors — enable innovation and expansion, giving companies in the United States an important advantage.

Access to capital is an important reason businesses choose to invest in the U.S. market, where a wide range of funding sources — from banks and investment firms to venture capitalists and angel investors — enable business innovation and expansion.

By lowering the bar of entry and giving an entrepreneur a fairground to play, the United States continues to encourage a more diverse and creative set of minds to contribute to their communities and empower their people.

Mahmood Mustapha

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Human-centric / future-focused re(searcher) - fervor in pursuit of innovation.

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