Be in Business! Dedication Open Doors for Global Opportunities.

Mahmood Mustapha
Aug 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Scaling is at the forefront of all Startup company worldwide with one goal to succeed, any startup can take their business from the local scale to the global market.

Mahmood Mustapha, Founder at FiLab

All things started simple, small and little. But with dedication, you can take everything to the next level while reaping the fruits of your hard labor. Everything starts in your inner self. Work from there and surely, things will come out great and successful.

The door for every startup entrepreneur is always open. All you have to do is to seize all opportunity and make your business goals a reality. The best way to enhance all your odds of success is to move carefully and slowly when starting your own local business. Yes, it is understood that you don’t want to settle for anything less or average. All you want is your business to grow, to serve more people, to compete with larger corporations, and to reach the battlefield they called “marketplace.”

With dedication, everything can become possible. When you fall in your first attempt, stand up tall and be proud because you are given a chance to at least know what works and what’s not. Always remember that is better to do something than doing nothing. But when you know that things are totally wrong from the very beginning, stop it so you can make the rest of the things right for your business. Don’t risk what’s left in you.

Your burning dedication has been there since you build that business — and that is a good drive to go straight to your dream of having a global enterprise. Finding manifold business opportunities may be hard for the startups but if your mindset is to grow globally, those little opportunities will give you the edge to step up your game. As what I’ve said, things started simple, small and little.

Always remember that even the largest and popular corporations you know came from the small and simple platform. What drives them to reach the stage they are standing today? It is DEDICATION! Put it this way — if they can, there is no reason that you cannot. Whatever small thing you work today, when you put a dedication there, you’ll be surprised to see its booming impact on the next following days.

This 2017, there are many opportunities for every local business to grow and be known worldwide. Though having a million dollar and a Ph.D in Entrepreneurship are enough to finance and support a new business, there is a start-up capital you need to accumulate to meet the ever-growing demand in reaching the worldwide market — the dedication that comes within, naturally from the heart. Pair your dedication with hard work, desire, and perseverance so you can reach your goal to succeed.

Growing your business from scratch to a totally successful one is easy once you have the zeal to overcome the hurdles of breaking through all the challenges that comes your way. Your enthusiasm will serve as a flair to burn any deterrent coming your way. Make the most of your resources and don’t waste all your efforts. You have the guts to reach the global scale so make use of it. You know you have the power to take your business from HERE to up THERE.

Mahmood Mustapha

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Human-centric / future-focused re(searcher) - fervor in pursuit of innovation.

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