What are some popular myths that people used to believe?

The Greek myth (Oedipus)

The boy and pioneer of psychoanalysis “Sigmund Freud” believed in it and was inspired by it: “The Oedipus complex”.

• And he carried out a psychological analysis of the complex that afflicts the boy who…

With her seventeen years, curly hair, slender, slender legs, she offered her youth to the eyes, her body to the lust of young and old. Her evanescent beauty enticed envy.

Spring seemed sad in this second year of occupation, war, violence. Fortunately, love ignores borders and barriers. …

When I was a kid, I was told many life stories of how a person became successful even if they came from a poor background. Some of these stories are real, some are made-up. …

mahmoud boudallaha

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