He looked up

He felt a sudden dizziness, and a burn in his eyes they’re probably shot red, an ache in his neck, how long have i been looking down he lost track of time a minute, five oh my god its been ten minutes. It feels more than that as if he was sleeping.

He looked around to take a hold of his surroundings and to stretch his neck a little. He found out he wasn’t alone, he looked at their faces, do I know these people, I think so, he started to remember, yes they’re my friends, he stared at them they all bent their heads almost at the same angle no movement except for their hands, he called for them “Hey” but he realized that he made no sound, he tried again this time there was a sound but almost a whisper, he cleared his throat and called again this time it was loud that he himself flenched from the sound. They all looked up almost at the same time and glared at him, a comfort crept through him but also embarrassment at that he wondered why he felt like this.

The kept staring at him and he just staring at them, untill one them finally spoke

“What ?”


They just shook their heads and some of them raised their shoulders and lowered their heads and their hands returned to motion.

He looked at them for a while hoping that maybe at least one of them will look up again, but no one did.

He lowered his head and returned to the conversation he was having with three of his friends sitting next to him.