when will I publish my first article on medium ?

trying to change the world :P

is it the time yet to do it or maybe later when i get a great idea !

i am one of those people that feared of doing a lot of things, i am also shy and introvert i miss alot of things becuase of this, may be i am not alone but if this thing will put me into the comfort zone then i don’t want it at all.

it’s been a whole year after i discover medium and i signed in with google, then i read alot of article on ’em about entreprunership and self improvment.

but i actually want to take an action i wanted to be on the other side of this site i want to be heard i want to influence people and keep an effect i think i didn’t miss an article on medium or quora or this sites that keep my mind up to date but till what till when i will do this i go over this by reading books

i read 48 books last year ! and my goal was to read 36 books

but i want you to notice that this was my first year of reading.

yes, i spent 19 year and not only read one book or one article at all,

this may be rediclous but i am happy with and i accept that fact because it is not my own fualt its the fault of the people around me because they didn’t encourage me to be a better person or till me how to be that person.

i am very sorry to till you that i got internet connection and my own laptop just the last year !!

yea just like that, i see people on qoura say that they are programmers and entreprenurs and making big companies on thier 20s but for me if i look to ’em an to compare my self to ’em,

it will not be fair at all

these people have the oppurtunity to accomplish every thing on their life they have internet connection they have laptops since they were born then what is demanding from you is to be an unordinary person just like that,

wait wait, i am not saying i am making bullshit because i don’t have the same opportunity like you i am doing well and i look about what is around me and try to be the better version of me but sometimes it is not fair at all,

and you guys there must be more gratful for what you have on your life you mustn’t miss any seconed of your life becuase you are the one who will make this world a better place not some one from the 3rd world.

taking a deep breath :”””””D

i am actually very happy at this moment becuase i do something that i fear of doing i get all the things that is inside me out of my fucken mind i am satisfied with that i am actually sure that i will hit the publish button and i will not return and correct the my bad english :D

i am a 1 years old learner :P and i am proud of that

just like these motivational articles “ its never too late”

  • if you you find my english and my thoughts very bad please encourage me and hit the green button :D