My Open Sourced Python Django Based CMS for Youtube Videos

For last 3 months I regularly publish programming related youtube video tutorials for Bengali speaking people. After having 30+ videos I decided to make a website so that people can easily find my content, and can play the videos in my site. To solve this problem, I developed a small web application and made the code open sourced. The contents can easily add, modify or update from admin panel which will be reflected in the home page automatically.



I used Python’s Django web framework to develop this project. In github I put all the documentation about how to use it, how to up in server, how to use CDN network like amazon S3.

If you need a solution something like this, you can fork my github project and customize it for your own purpose. The project is under MIT license. If you want to contribute, I welcome to get pull request, just don’t try to break existing things.