Few days ago I posted a job in to solve some of my data selection problem by regex using javascript. I mentioned a sample problem in the job description. After posted the job, I went to gym and after 1 and half hour when I come back I saw 7 developers applied. I read their messages and some of them seems to expert but I patiently waited for few more hours.

Then I got some more applications and 1 developer caught my eyes with full attention. Why?

Most developers wrote, I am expert … blah blah blah, some wrote I’ve 5 years experience blah blah. Only 1 developer from Ukrain just posted the quick regex solution though he not sure whether I will hire him or not. His passion and honesty astonished me, and I directly hired him and paid the money I offered initially. He is still working in that project. Really excellent guy.

Tips For Freelancers:

If you really can perform the job, write some message thats reflects your ability to solve the problem, you may quickly give a verbal solution by message also. This will make high chance you’ll be selected.

Tips For Job Provider:

Be patient don’t hurry.

Personally I was freelance programmer from 2009 to 2011, and then retired. I worked 933 hours and some fixed price jobs in and have over 4.85+ ratings.

On the other side I posted 45 jobs and 76% I hired from, I got billed over 346 hours and spent over USD 20k in hourly and fixed price job.

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