Do this and you will be welcome everywhere

The interested challenge

The more we want others interested in ourselves,more they move away from us.If we solve someone’s problem,may be in future we’ll have to suffer from the same problem so in that case we already have a solution.

Little things can make remarkable effects like giving a small “ JADDU KI JAPPHI” means a warm hug to sweeper or security guard working in our offices or universities,this thing makes them feel that they are also honourable and they worked with more passion or dedication.

So key lesson is,what we give to others,surely come back to us one day.Now we have to decide what we wish or except from others.

The one person who really got the benefit of this project is my mother.She made me listened all her complaints about “KAAM WALI MASI” to which usually I didn’t pay any attention.I solved one of her major issues that what should be made in lunch.

By being selfless,giving attention or even a sweet smile we oassed to someone can bring is many valueable relationships.