First Aid Kit for an Art School


Every injury varies and requires a different treatment. Communication Design has played a vital role in the field of medicine ever since packaging has come into being. The information carried on the labels or the how to use a medicine; the info-graphics have saved many lives on its own. As part of conscious and aware beings, our contributions towards betterment of a social structure is mandatory.Designing a First Aid Kit and proposing its placement in the college.


Designing a first aid kit proposing its placement in college.


What is the purpose of a First aid kit? And what should be placed in this kit?How functional should the packaging be? How effective should the packaging be? How will the instructions be?


I decided to make a First Aid kit for first year sculpture students of my university. The very first thing I did was, I went to Sir Ayub who is currently takes sculpture class of 1st years. I asked him a few questions related to what sort of injuries a 1st year sculpture student gets and how they usually deal with it.

He told me all sorts of injuries which included Cuts, bleeding, breathing problems, splinters and allergic reactions. But the most common injury that occurred basically in every class were cuts and bleeding. Ranging from slight cuts to very deep cuts that might even require stitches. I also asked him what sort of a First Aid Kit would he prefer and where would he like to place it. To which he answered, “ I prefer the kit to be very organised so that I know where the product is exactly and I don’t have to look around for it, also it’s better if the Kit is placed in my office so it’s under my super vision”.

I than started sketching a few ideas keeping in mind what Sir. Ayub said. I first decided to make 2 different small pouches that would cater the injuries caused by cuts and breathing problems that are caused because of materials like resin etc. But after some discussions with my design teachers, they recommended that I should make a kits for only one major injury, which were the injuries caused by cuts. After all the process work and sketches when it was finally time to convert the prototype into an actual product, I did my working on the material and tried to make it as cost effective as possible.


So my idea was to design the First Aid kit using a file cover. As i was aiming on making the Kit organised and easy to use, i decided to make a step by step chart sort of a thing with very basic instructions for the user. My idea was to make a kit that will contain the exact products needed at that moment, also the quantity of the products as per need for one time use. The Kit was designed in a way that it can be refilled again after its been used.

The products that I placed in my First Aid kit were:

  1. Cotton Pads
  2. Pyodin
  3. Alcohal Pads
  4. Dressing
  5. Gauz
  6. Scissors
  7. Saniplast
  8. Surgical Tape

The total cost of my complete products was Rs 406.