Dear Black Girl… You Are a Testimony

*Originally written October 7, 2015. Poem at the end originally written in 2009*

Dear Black Girl…

You are a living testimony.

There’s been one rule of thumb I continuously hear for as long as I’ve been in the communications business. The rule is simple; “tell your story.” When it comes to public relations there is an additional statement added on, “tell your story before someone else gets a hold of it.”

As a journalist, nothing gives me joy than sharing the story of another extraordinary person or organization. I am able to illustrate through words their struggle and triumph. The sentiment is the same as I work the public relations or public affairs side of things as I convince others on why the person I work for is a good topic for discussion.

My pastor struck a cord with me during one of his sermons. He mentioned that most Christians like to twist and sugar coat their story; leaving out the ugly parts and presenting a polished version of how they came to be. I chuckled a bit as I thought that’s the business of PR mostly. You cut out the ugliness and present a polished version. However, a really good PR pro is able to present both sides and still have their client become the most desirable because of the likeness to being the everyday person.

Too often we hold back when it comes to sharing what we’ve been through. Maybe it is because of fear; fear of judgment or maybe out of sheer embarrassment. Then there is the age old lesson that has been passed down from generation to generation; what happens in the home or inside the privacy of whatever walls that holds you, stays there. Or… is that pride? Are you too proud to show you are imperfect?

When I initially started writing my manuscript I vowed to keep some of the ugliness of what I’ve experience in the story. Though I never fully examined why I wanted to share the ugly parts of my life, a large part of me knew that I had to and I was on a roll and then I stopped. At the time I halted, I was going through a transition as a breakthrough was near. Life became uncomfortable and even more confusing as I questioned daily was I doing things the right way.

Then a breakthrough occurred and with it came not only what I asked for, it also came with life adjustments and even more confusing moments, but I finally realized what the moments were really all about. So my life story had switched up as I was in another stage. What I was initially writing was an early stage, from a time when I was a 20-something year old who wrote anonymously about my life on both private and public online journals and hard bound journals.

So a break through happened and then what? What do I write about now?

Let’s start with this…

In Search Of

Co-writing the symphony of her life. 
 Attracted to the distinct flow.
 Vivid rhythms conjuring faces.

Never a strophic.
 Perhaps rococo
 From the blue note to the highest praise pitch.
 From six-eight to four-four. 
 Unknowingly setting the time signature to a never ending composition. Stumbling onto a blank score. 
 A melody in search of a lyric.

It’s just as Springsteen and Manfred Mann’s Band said, she was Blinded By The Light
 Always looking to others to write her song; from Donnie crooning on about A Song For… “Her” to taking on the Shapeshifter’s Theme to Lola and rewriting it Blackveleteen’s Theme knocking off Lenny.

Other times out of the need to be.
 Most times out of a lustful fit that soothe the pain.
 Being a Soulful Moaner, she wailed.

“We got your sex and your violence. Melody and Silence.”

A Bittersweet Symphony she was escaping. 
 Blind to the words facing her. 
 Deaf to the harmony already rumbling in the background. 
 A melody in search of a lyric

Tell your story. The world is waiting for you to make your debut.