How to Choose a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Jul 19, 2016 · 2 min read

massachusetts realtor

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Finding agent just isn’t difficult. All of them are within the place, practically begging for your business. Getting a real estate agent you can trust, and who can cater to your individualized needs, is something more of a challenge. Take some guidance? Below are a few pointers for how to decide on an established agent:

Word of mouth marketing. Are you aware anyone that recently sold or purchased a home? If so, then that�s a fantastic start for locating an agent to work with. Discuss with in your area for recommendations, and you’ll quickly see which agents and brokerages possess the best reputation. Compile a listing of prospective agents to your job, using referrals from people you can trust.

massachusetts realtor

Pick a brokerage first . If there are several brokerages in your area which were around for a long period which appear to have a fantastic reputation, your best option would be to begin your agent search by choosing a brokerage first. Once you�ve chosen a brokerage you�re at ease with, just call the broker/manager, describe your unique needs, after which request names with the brokerage�s 2 or 3 best agents for the position. Following that, you�re just a couple interviews away from picking out the professional you most want to use.

Your position. Before you find the best fit for the situation, you have to take some time to find out exactly what your situation is. That means assessing your financial standing (Have you been pre-qualified to borrow money? Just how much home are you able to afford? How much cash do you need to get for your house?), deciding what you are looking for in a home purchase (or sale), and organizing your schedule and timeframe.

Interview agents. Before you commit to any relationship by having an agent, you ought to interview all of the candidates on your list, in person. Compose a list of questions specific for your individual circumstances before you decide to sit down with anyone, after which choose whichever agent you’re feeling most comfortable with, in relation to knowledge, customer support, receptiveness, experience, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness.

Residential real-estate can be a broad market, encompassing a multitude of services both for home buyers and home sellers, deliver to by a widely variant network of industry specialists. If you are in the need of some expert guidance with regards to all of your property needs, take a look no more than Jason Aleman from Keller Williams Property. They can be reached either by telephone at 508–216–6835 or via email.

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