BuilderAll Vs Convertri: Which One Should You Pick?

Mahmudul Rubel
Jun 29 · 7 min read

BuilderAll and Convertri are both popular options when it comes to building sales funnels. Both have numerous similarities and differences. So it can be hard for you to choose the best one from BuilderAll and Convertri

So in this BuilderAll Vs Convertri’s guide, I will share which features and tools both platforms provide, prices, user experience and many more.

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So let’s move on

Quick Summary: If you have no time read this blog post and want to know which is the best platform to build your online business, I must recommend going with Builderall. Because it is all in one platform that gives you a lot of features at a cheaper price. you will get Email autoresponder with automation, you can host a webinar, build sales funnel, create a website. It is also cheaper Than Convertri. But Convertri focuses only on the landing page and sales funnel building. Their main selling point is they are super fast. So BuilderAll is way better than Convertri.

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What is BuilderAll? Convertri vS BuilderAll

BuilderAll is an all in one marketing platform mainly that uses for building sales funnels. BuilderAll has a plethora of features and functionalities Which help you all you need to create your successful online business.

Erick Salgado, the BuilderAll founder, created this platform in 2011. Erick built this software for his own business but Then he realized his fellow businesses needed this software. Then Eric decided to improve the software and built this all in one software.

Although this software comes to the US market very late in 2017 but now competes with big players.

Whether you want to create sales funnels, create websites, promote memberships, host webinars, collect leads and marketing, BuilderAll gets you covered.

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BuilderAll Feature

#Pixel Perfect Builder

Pixel Perfect Builder, Also known as Drag and drop builder lets you create a solid website, Sales page and landing page. It has some awesome templates so you don’t need to create your website or landing page from scratch.

But one thing I should mention is that BuilderAll is not the best when it comes to professional templates. Some templates are outdated and some contain Lorem Ipsum Text.

#Canvas Funnel Builder

Canvas Funnel Builder lets you create and build sales funnels. It allows you to choose desired sale funnels, map out or construct your own.

With this tool, You can choose a template and use it as it is. But if you want, you can tweak it or you can build from scratch.

The sales funnel canvas allows you to view like a birds-eye to help you check everything in the right place.


In BuilderAll, You get an online store builder that allows you to build and design your eCommerce store. Builderall partnered with Magneto to establish this online store builder.

This online store builder works on any other eCommerce website like Shopify. It allows you to build your desired eCommerce website as you want.

#App creator

With app creators, You can create any kind of app without any hassle, without any coding knowledge. Even you can upload it to Google and Apple app stores.


BuilderAll also allows you to host Webinar inside their software. It is an interactive webinar where you can do live video streaming, Share screen and record a webinar.

#The MailingBoss autoresponder

Email marketing is very crucial for every internet business. It said that money is on the list. So if you want to build an online business, you must build a list.

BuilderAll provides you with an autoresponder called MailingBoss. It allows you to send emails to your list. The best thing about mailing boss is you can segment user that can help you separate your prospects depending on their behaviour.

#Social media engagement

Builderall has also added sections that jump packed with some important apps that help you in social media Engagement.

Facebook chatbot, social proof, site bot, CRM: this is the tools that are very handy for your online business.

I love social proof apps that help you increase trust and sell. The CRM options allow you to keep your data organised

#Heat Map

This tool helps where your visitor clicks on your website. The purpose of this app is to understand what links, images get clicks so you optimize even better.

That, it also has extraordinary apps and features that help your online business. Here are some tools

  • SEO report
  • Animated videos
  • Mockup Studio
  • Video warper and lot more

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How much does it cost BuilderAll

BuilderAll has four pricing plan : Free, Builder, Marketer, Essential and Premium

Free plan

  • 0 Domains
  • 100 subscribers
  • 1 GB hosting space

#Builder plan

  • Get 3 domains
  • 100 subscribers
  • 2GB disk space
Builder Plan cost you $19.90 per month

#Marketer Plan

  • 5 domains
  • 5000 subscriber
  • 5 GB disk Space
Builder plan cost you $29.90 per month

#Essential plan

  • 10 domains
  • 15000 subscribers
  • 10 GB disk Space
Essential plan costs you $49.90 per month

#Premium Plan

  • 15 domains
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 10 GB disk space
  • List import
  • Template club
Premium version costs you $69.90 per month

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What is Converti?

Convertri is a sales funnel builder that Focuses on building landing pages, squeeze pages and sales funnels. It is known as the fastest sales funnel builder in the world. They said Convertri loads super fast than any other page on the internet.

Andrew Fletcher, Founder of Convertri, is an online marketer and software developer.

One of the main features of Convertri: It builds fast blazing funnels, pages, and marketing systems in no time. If you don’t want to play with technical things for so long, Then Convertri is a game for you.

Feature of Convertri

#Super Fast pages

This is one of the areas Convertri do better than any other sales funnel building software.

Page loads in less than 3 seconds with Convertri thanks to Convertri’s Accelerated page technology (AMP)

#Convertri Integrations

Do you want to use your favourite tools inside Convertri?

Why not? There are API and HTML integrations That allow you to integrate a huge number of popular software. You can integrate Email marketing tools, Shopping cart solutions, Webinar, payment processor and lot more

#Drag and drop builder

As it is a common feature of any page builder, Convertri also has a great drag and drop builder.

It lets you change text, Moves buttons, adds media files and other page design elements.

With Convertri Flexible editor, Newbie can build pages as quickly as possible without any coding knowledge and design knowledge.

There are a lot of funnel builders that make it super hard to utilize drag and drop builders.

But Convertri makes it as easy as possible. You just need to select an element, place it anywhere you want to, If you do wrong moves, the Undo button saves you.

#A lot of templates

Inside Convertri, You get complete funnel templates and stand-alone pages for free. You can customize all the templates or if you want to need inspiration, you can check out these templates

All templates are already optimized for conversions and loads fast.

#Mobile Responsive pages

This is another great feature where Convertri crushes it totally. I see a lot of sales funnel builders have horrible mobile views.

Convertri pages are mobile responsive. The best thing is: You just need one click to convert your page into a mobile version. Even if you tweak it further if you don’t like it.

#Popup and Sticky Headers

Do you want a more attention-grabbing page to offer or increase change to get more sales?

PopUp and stick bar which shows to your visitor based on specific conditions.

Most of the page builder doesn’t have this feature but Convertri does a great job with this.

#Integrated Shopping Cart

Convertri integrated shopping carts give you all the things you need to create successful payment options. It has

  • One-click upsells
  • Bump sells
  • Sharp design

While many page builders allow you to integrate shopping carts but in Converti, you get both options: inbuilt and integrated options.

#Free SSL

You get a Free SSL certificate both free domain and your custom design.

Along with that, They are a lot of feature such as

  • Convertri Wordpress plugin
  • Convertri page Import
  • Sub accounts
  • Dynamic Text Replacement and many more

#Convertri Pricing : Convertri Vs builderAll

Convertri has three pricing plans; Standard plan, pro plan and Agency plan

The standard plan costs you $59 per month, pro plan costs you $69 per month and agency plan cost you $199 per month. You also get their 14-day free trial, where you can test without paying anything.

If you pay yearly, You get a discount from Convertri. You will get a standard for $53, Pro for $58 per month and agency $166 per month. If you want to pay for 2 years, you will get even more discount.

BuilderAll Vs Convertri: Which is the best?

In summary, Builderall is the winner because it has more tools than Converti. It is also cheaper Than Convertri. Marketers use Converti for Sales funnel and landing pages. But BuilderAll is all in one tool that allows you to do all the things you need to do like send an automated email with their autoresponder, host webinar, build the website and sales funnels and lot more. So Why wait? Try BuilderAll free Trail now

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