The problem with this view is that many people do work that is not remunerated, like caregivers. We also know that the future of jobs is at risk because of automation. The exclusive focus on jobs as a solution to poverty is a problem for at least the two reasons aforementioned. Focusing on work as opposed to jobs is what basic income proponents seek to do.
Understanding Universal Basic Income
Vivan Malkani

What if the future of jobs is at risk because of UBI?

Bidadanure considers the case where people are underpaid or unpaid for the work they do and considers the case where they are publicly funded regardless of the work they.

I am interested in the case where they are paid by the polity in just recompense for the contribution they make. The idea of public service jobs is apparently an oxymoron?

Also an expansion on this dichotomy between work and jobs would be of the interest to me.

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