Stacey Keith

I miss stripping

so much. So I settle for a virtual strip club as a magical cam girl. Sigh. But I’ll be back to being an nearly asexual lesbian living in strip club dressing rooms soon enough.

Seven years of my life to support my starving art of writing (well back then). I was the dumbbbbest stripper candidate as in, no dancing skills or flirting and the thought of manipulating young men that reminded me of my own friends made me sick. And I’m asexual and gay as fuck. I’m a prince.

Funny part was I found out my niche . I banked on conversation. That got me dances ESPECIALLY from guys who claimed not to and got girls to hate me for making money.

Very lonely world indeed,

But I miss it.

Or maybe I’m just delirious from not sleeping for two days. Yeah.

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