Blockchain in Pakistan — An Overview!

Muhammad Ahsan Khan aka MAK, I am a young guy from Karachi, devoting my young age in accelerating the adoption of Blockchain Technology in Pakistan and rest of the world with the help of global friends. The journey is being started — Have a look at Blockchain in Pakistan.

Blockchain Forum of Pakistan — The BFP is setup to accelerate the promotion & adoption of Blockchain Technology across public & private sectors in Pakistan. “Blockchain Forum of Pakistan — a flagship initiative of Tech Pakistan”.

Sukkur IBA University — Blockchain Innovation Center — look forward to promote academics, education and research based projects to resolve social problems within Pakistani society.

Netsol Technologies — established Innovation Lab in Pakistan & UK to focus on 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies to solve global scale business problems. Similarly, Sukkur IBA University also setup Blockchain Innovation Center to fix the innovation value chain of Blockchain in Pakistan.

The Journal of Blockchain Technology — (JBT) is Pakistan’s & SAARC Member Countries first peer reviewed, industry-academic journal devoted to Blockchain technology. It is an online, open access journal offering wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of Blockchain technology.

AppsGenii already collaborated with Go4 Blockchain, to innovate Blockchain based business and social problem solutions such as KYC/AML, Land Registry, Academic Identity, Healthcare, Education and much more promising stuff.

We are not working primary in Crypto’s in Pakistan but we believe in the powerful technology i.e Blockchain to resolve social problems, I envision a future where society and Pakistan’s values of individual freedom, independence, and powerful social security systems are all strengthened. I believe that Blockchain technology can help us eradicate corruption, add transparency to public affairs, and improve our legal systems making them far more efficient, more secure, and simpler. On other hands, commercialize innovation may bring amazing startups to participate into the national economy using 4th IR technologies.

Let us accelerate progress and collaboration of Blockchain based projects in Pakistan. There are lot of excellent practices and projects operating/developing in isolation and I believe that it would be of immense benefit to bring excellence on a common platform so that the benefits of progressive transformation change are being truly realized in the Blockchain landscape.

It is not about the Cryptocurrency when it comes to the Blockchain, They are both interconnected no doubt in it but the Bitcoin is an obvious application of Blockchain. There are number of use cases are available for the rest of the world, which can be adopted on for-profit and not-for-profit initiatives. It is up to the community that how the problems they solved out using Blockchain in this universe! This technology is promising completely and can transform our world to make a better place in which our future generation can collaborate with each other without social barriers, ethnicity and borders.