Art Isn’t Free. Can We Stop Pretending it is?
Brian Geddes

I do agree that art is not free, but I don’t like the way you are justifying this idea. I don’t know about the art of writing but for musicians, they in fact spend money (like doctors …) to buy instrument, software … they spend money to learn things and go to places and play or record and distribute but usually they don’t get paid as much, and that is not fair. Most of them have to have a second job to earn money for food and rent, hence they don’t have time to live a normal or close to normal life and that is not fair. Same for visual artists and others. To create art, artists are spending lots of money but nearly not earning any or much back, and that is not fair. I’ve talked about this with different people and what they say is that food, health … are necessity so they pay for it but art is luxury not necessity so they are not willing to pay for it unless they have lots of money. I disagree. I would say art is necessity for soul. I would say if we are in a war (like world war II) then maybe art is not necessity for most people but food and staying alive is, but we are not. In most countries we are living a normal life and for those who have enough money and they are consuming art for free, first art is necessity and second they are stealing from the artist. But they don’t see it that way because society does not see it that way and it is accepted to consume art for free, for the most part.

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