A Resource Directory Online for Cancer Patients

Researching the results of an online request for cancer patient assistance and programs will take a massive amount of time. A resource directory saves time, which is helpful considering treatment typically begins directly after the diagnosis. The costs will mount fast, items will be needed, and arrangements will have to be made. The situation will become overwhelming before your head stops spinning from the news.

Clear and Concise

The online directory, cancerhorizons.com, is dedicated to providing as much information as possible that will help cancer patients locate what is required, desired, and needed. Categories range from financial assistance to community support, and include everything in between. The site is organized and navigational tabs are clear. Every category has several sub-topics to direct people to the item(s) of interest.

Basic Needs

Users can locate transportation services for getting to and from treatments. Some will be free, while others may incur a minimal cost. A wide variety of chemotherapy hats and scarves for warmth and comfort are available among the Free products and services for cancer patients. Support for and by patients provides hope and motivation to fight the disease. Art, stories, shared experiences, and articles are a few ways that boost determination. People have an opportunity to contribute to this section.

Essential Financial Help

Every state has financial assistance available for patients and there are organizations and companies with nationwide programs designed to help with funding. One program offers assistance paying for prescription medications and another one provides money to pay the mortgage and utilities. Life insurance funding, pediatric cancer help, assistance covering the expense of a caregiver, and crowd funding resources are additional examples of financial programs.

Seeking a New Drug Trial?

The research section keeps people updated on experimental treatments, innovative alternatives to chemotherapy, and drug trials. Other breakthroughs, advances in technology, and emerging theories are also featured. This section also includes educational information regarding the types of cancer, symptoms, success rates of treatment, and what to expect. It is an excellent category for friends and family members. Learning about cancer and treatment options eliminates the burning desire to ask the patient dozens of questions.

The Format

Programs, assistance opportunities, and resources are presented in a simple format that includes a description of the service or product, the name of the entity, and contact information. Filters are available in categories, by state, or by the type of cancer diagnosed. In an effort to be comprehensive, site operators provide a place for visitors and users to notify them about a program that is not included on the site.

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