November 29

Before Thanksgiving break on Tuesday we held a mock trial in class in the case of Medea v Jason for the crime of murder. I’ve been watching this show on YouTube recently where an actual lawyer talks about court cases from fictional television shows and reviews them for their realism, so you could say I’m an expert in the field some would say I am on par with some of the most powerful lawyers in the world. (Yes, I am that some) Technically I think I’ve only been in an actual courtroom once when my mother was covering the trial of Freddie Gray, but nonetheless I am an expert. I’m not exactly sure if any of the members of the legal team had any sort of formal legal education, because it seemed like there was a decent amount of leading the witness from both legal teams. I was hoping for a bit more dramatic effect from Medea, maybe tears or an outburst of sorts really anything that would add a more dramatic element to the case but alas I was not actually living in one of my favorite courtroom dramas and instead was sitting in a room of my peers acting for a class activity. I quite liked the way he matched the psychopath characteristics we had previously talked about in class, it was very fitting for his character, self-serving and the lack of emotion towards Medea was magnificent truly a work of theatrical art. My opinion of who was responsible for the death of the kids did not change throughout the trial, but it was funny to see it all play out.

In class this Tuesday I was late but surprisingly not as late as I should have been, seeing as I had to go from all the way across campus to my dorm and then from my dorm to class from 10:50 to 11:10 when the walking time alone was ten minutes both ways I’ll take the measly three minutes that were lost to father time. In class we talked about Medea and Jason’s relationship in the Argonautica, more specifically the effect that their love had on Medea. As a small noncommittal jerk I don’t think I could relate to any of the questions posed to the class, granted I’m 18 and the concept of love is still horrendous. I am however in love with Zoe Kravitz especially after seeing her do a British accent in “Fantastic Beasts” this past weekend, but I’m pretty sure that is what you would call unrequited love seeing as my existence has never been on her radar, so we’re back to the original point of me being clueless to the topic of love. Any nods I made to answer yes to any of the various questions were most likely me putting myself into the shoes of various fictional characters.

I would just like to take the time out of this journal to talk badly upon my good friend Arden. I’ll keep this segment short, but he thought he was going to get the last word in his most recent journal and I just wasn’t going to have that. I’d like to introduce into evidence this text message sent by Mr. Leblanc in our group chat on Wednesday November 28, 2018, “Anyone wanna go bust the pipes in Locke with me rn so Maia and I don’t have a final tomorrow.” Let’s start with the most pressing matter stemming from this text message because this sure sounds a whole lot like conspiracy to commit a criminal act and I would like to see the proper punishment handed out. Secondly he scared the living crap out of me trying to convince me the final was on Thursday, and so because of that I feel I should be excused entirely from the exam due to emotional distress.

Book Three of the Argonautica took me about 3 hours all together to read. I read it in two segments one from about 3–5:30 pm last Monday which I had to stop so close to finishing to both go to dinner and to go to my study group for an exam which I didn’t even have to wind up taking, so that was time I could have spent taking a nap and I will never get back. Doing my homework in my bed may be one of my worst habits, but it’s also comfortable so here I shall stay. I have a study playlist that I use usually filled with songs I know well enough that I won’t get too distracted trying to listen to, but then I did get distracted listening to some albums that were recommended to me and then falling into a rabbit hole of artists I hadn’t heard of so 20 minutes of that were probably not actually spent reading but so it goes. And then I’m not sure what time it was but after the study group I finished Book 3 in about 30 minutes.

For the textbook readings for Tuesday and Thursday’s class it took me about 4 hours altogether. For Tuesday’s reading I studied like I usually do taking notes and reading in my bed. It went relatively well with minimal distraction. For Thursday’s reading however I went to my friend’s room to do my homework, and at first it was going well the three of us were just sitting quietly doing homework, but at some point one of my friends went on talking about some elaborate scheme of his which he spent like 30 minutes talking about and after that we as a collective were distracted. Usually I can study with my friends if we’ve all actually decided to sit down and focus, and I do especially well when I bring headphones but I both lost my headphones and my other friends were distracted.

I wouldn’t say that a human life resembles a quest, I feel most people seek more than just one thing in life. I have been on many quests in my life thus far and I suppose now I am on a quest to complete college. The six parts that help define a quest hero as stated by W.H. Auden are an object that is to be found and possessed, a long journey, the hero, the tests and trials to be overcome, the “guardian of the object”, and the helpers which give information to the hero. I, obviously, am the hero of my own story and probably in the stories of many others seeing as I’m some grand influential figure. The object should be an education but seeing how the educational system goes I’m not really learning much and mostly memorizing so the object would be a degree. The long journey is my 4 years of undergrad and probably a plethora of years following for my post graduate education. The trials to overcome for me would be grades,exams, assignments, my deteriorating mental health, and other outside hindrances to me doing what I need to do. The helpers would be whoever I have in my support system, my family, my friends, my advisors, my professors, my classmates etc. Even within my quest to achieve higher education though that is not the only quest I am on.

I think it is possible to structure your life as a quest, using as much influence as you can aside from the unpredictable, but like I said before I look at my life more so as miniature quests rather than dedicating my whole life to one thing. I feel like to dedicate your life to one thing and one thing only would not be particularly fulfilling, especially if it is a task you may never complete. You do not have complete control over the circumstances of your life and to not be able to complete one’s life goal would be like the entire quest was for nothing. As the phrase goes “it is not about the destination it is about the journey” and I agree, truthfully it does not matter all that much to me if I complete every goal I set out to do, but what matters is what I learn from the experiences. With all of that being said I do think it is important to set goals for yourself even if you may not complete them in the end.

Odysseus is said by the text to be a more “complete” version of a greek hero. He is known for his cunning intelligence, is a shapeshifter, and the text says that in stories outside of the “Odyssey” he often tricks others for the sake of his own survival.