Maia’s Scrolls II — The Bondening

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2 min readJan 10, 2022
(Figure 1 — Polis, peak of Mount Kyllene)

Tales from the Bonding Ritual

On the 4th of January Maia opened doors and allowed the first group of wanderers to bond. This group would later come to be known as the Settler Maians, those who brought and shared their own supplies, such as liquidity and each other’s company.
During this event as people started to appear from all faces of Mount Kyllene and a crowd started forming and growing and gathering eventually breaking into chants pleading for Maia to stop their wait and open door to Staking for her followers.
After some time she commanded all the Maian Gods to start a vote in the Polis and urge all Maians to run for the urns. And the outcome was clear as day, the people wanted to stake and stake they shall!

Ritual Aftermath

During the 24 hours that the event lasted 2712 $MAIA were minted and locked for 10 days — until January 14th. Meanwhile, throughout this period, the main focus is treasury and liquidity growth in order to secure the sustainability of the project and its goals. To achieve this, an array of measures has been arranged starting by expanding reward incentives for bonders, as well as we have additional measures ready to deploy if need be.

The Bondening — What is it?

This consists of a 5-day period where bonds are available in tiered prices which will progressively rise, this event was created as a treasury growth strategy and can be viewed as an opportunity to give other Maians a shot at prices with less of a gap form the ritual bonders, thus leveling out the playing field further and averaging down everyone’s entry price.

What’s coming next to the Polis? — strategies, updates and partnerships

· Options Strategies to grow treasury.

· Partnerships that bring value to Maia and the Metis Andromeda ecosystem (more on this soon).

· Expanding horizontally with new strategic features/products which integrate with Maia.

(Figure 2 — Another beautiful shot of the Pleiades Constellation, don’t you love space?)

Happy Bondening, dear Maians! 🏛️






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