Section One: Digital Persona

Exploring the data collected from the surveys that were completed by all the students undertaking the course ‘Personalised Learning with Digital Technologies,’ I have found that there are a lot of similarities between myself and many of the students undertaking this course in relation to my digital persona.

Similarly to all of my fellow students I use Google as my main search engine and Facebook is my most frequently used social media, and frequently visited website. However I also access videos on websites such as YouTube as frequently as I access Facebook. I use an application called ‘Overcast,’ used to listen to podcasts. Using statistics gathered by my iPhone I found that the amount of time I spend on this app is equal to the amount of time I spend on Facebook and YouTube. I access all these websites and applications on a total of four devices, which is the average amount of devices my fellow students use.

My fellow students commented in the survey that they feel comfortable sharing their ideas through emails, on wikis and on blogs. I also share this feeling of comfort while sharing my ideas through these avenues.

I use internet banking exclusively for accessing my bank accounts. While some of my fellow students do not bank online, the majority did utilise these technologies.

Finally I do not have any concerns about my digital footprint in terms of future employment, and this is a feeling shared by most of my peers.

Some differences I found between myself and my fellow students while exploring the data is that I use a different web browser than most others. I use Google Chrome, where as just over half of my peers use Safari.

At the time of the survey I had three email address’, which was the average of other students. Since conducting the survey however I have been given another staff email which takes me above the average.

Although the average amount of times my fellow students accessed Facebook in a week was 36, I do not believe that there is a specific number of times that I access Facebook. As I have a Facebook application on my phone I receive notifications every time someone contacts me, meaning I never miss a notification. I also keep Facebook open on my computer regularly.

The biggest difference I discovered between my peers and I was the amount of websites I am signed up for, that require me to login with a password. The average amount of sites my peers needed a password to access was 14, whereas I have 31. This means that I am over double the class average in this area.

Although the results of this survey have shown that I am very similar to my peers in terms of using the Internet and information communication technologies, some of the differences have shown that my digital persona is spread across the internet to a wider extent than others. This survey has also shown me that the amount of time I spend on certain sites is excessive compared to my peers and this is something I need to reflect, and act on, in the future.

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