He threw himself off of the top of the tower

And into me, my embrace holding him.

His arms flailed, uncertain whether to pull me tighter

Or push me away as his wings worked, beating against me.
He moved upwards, climbing deeper and deeper into me.
Desperate to escape, desperate to find somewhere safe.
His father had been the same way.

But unlike his father, he learned how to revel in my feel against his flesh.
He relaxed deeper into me, the freedom a heady thing, and began

Enjoying himself, the feel of my touch in his hair as I held him.
He was aloft in my embrace as I carried him, and he began to lose himself.

As he lost himself, he started melting, warming to my touch as he rose,

Rose to higher and higher heights. He reached as high as he could

And that was when all was lost. For it was then, flown as high as he could

That he realized what he had done and descended, screaming, falling back

To earth, falling away from me, out of love with me.

While his father searched, looking, not knowing the worst of his son’s folly

Or just how lost he had become along the way.

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