mostly they are just people who are either fleeing oppression or war, or people who are fleeing poverty, or even just people who seek a better life. that is just human instinct.
I agree that the horrible regimes in some countries and the good living conditions in Europe and…
Svetlana Voreskova

Really? Support for this statement? If there is nothing special about these people why haven’t the whole populations followed their “human instinct”?

The final paragraph reads pretty simply as I don’t understand why people think this is our problem? Unfortunately, I think that you are missing the point that David was making. In attempting to only deal with the immigrants/refugees issue after they have become refugees you are ignoring the fact that there is a reason that they are refugees in the first place (oppression/war/poverty/following human nature) and that by not dealing with that problem (when you don’t have millions starving and drowning on boats) it is costing you a lot more in impact on your society (higher crime/people on welfare/costs to immigration services/etc.). So really these people who are starving at and around your borders are your problem and your governments problem either way. Europe and Europeans in particularly have a lengthy history of ignoring what was going on outside their borders as “someone else’s issue”, that history has proven to be disastrous especially when the issue was forced upon them. I would urge you to reconsider that it might not only be your problem but one that you want to consider with more empathy.

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