This is a great time for our artists to show their masterpiece and let others see and hear what they want to say. This is also a time for them, to inspire a lot of people through their wonderful artworks. This event gathered a lot of talented and skilled artists we have in the present days.

A lot of artists participated this event namely:

Names of some artists that presented their works

But I think there are more artists participated the event aside from the stated names.

In conducting their masterpiece, I’m sure that they offered their blood and sweat just to succeed. Their ideas and creativity wouldn’t be shown without the mediums that they’ve used. Some artists used oil on canvass, watercolor on paper, feathers, acrylic, graphite, oil on wood, ink and many more. This aid them in making their work a precious one. That’s why each of one of them produced a lot of artworks. I think there are a hundred plus artworks exhibited in the gallery.

Some of the artworks are:

These artworks have their own meanings, messages and thoughts behind them. What I interpreted when I went to this art fair is, the artist would want to influence the people with their beliefs through their work of art which are very creative. They would also want to voice out their sentiments in a unique way like this.


1. Raffy Napay

2. Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

With Raffy Napay’s work I saw it as a phenomenal one. I was really amazed of the UV lighting, neon-ish concept it was really eye catching but when I started appreciating the work, what I interpreted with the strings designed as a person is that, even if we all have different personalities, all of us are responsible and connected with one another. That’s what I feel with his art but I know that, it also has other interpretations.

With Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, it is also phenomenal but it left me confused. I can’t even interpret what they’re trying to say. I felt really curious about what their artworks mean.

Opinion from a person who can’t see herself in the art world. I enjoyed this event so much. It made me open my eyes to art and realize that a lot of people have the potential of making extraordinary art just to express themselves. Art is very flexible because everyone can engage to it. My problem is just with the interpretation of the art. Im not a good reader of what a work says. But overall, it was really a great and unforgettable experience because it gave me reason to visit this kind of event because originally, I see art fair as a none sense event, but through this, I can prove that this is one of the most important aspect in out life, that is ART.

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