Demonic Calculations

The thing is, I genuinely don’t think guys understand the demonic calculations that women go through when we put material online — any kind of material.

“If I say/share too much, I’m an attention whore.”

“If I say nothing, I’m complicent/compliant/suppressing myself/enabling.”

Nobody knows how to balance this out. And now on top of it, toxic trolling makes it even harder to make the calculation.

AND WE CHICKS ARE ALL BAD AT MATH AMIRITE LADIES? #irony #thiswillbetakenoutofcontext

So the sum is usually silence. At least for me. Is that right, correct, true, honest? I don’t know.

I do know that I’m getting tired. But that I’m also scared to say too much about anything. Be nice, be quiet, keep within the lines.

That’s what being a woman means too much of the time.

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