To stand in-between is a mystified fettle to opt either the inferno of leaving or the grilling of inexpressibleness , actually when departure sounds so bitter to abduce you from your visionary paradise to an intolerable place to play the role of an insusceptible person who acts as if his wounds weren’t hemorrhaged.

Well holding your bogus daydreams intimately to taste the sweetness within your stopgap feelings could let you detest dozing not to awake disappointingly,additionally your manfulness in a losing battle is unchallenged but your withdrawal from unequal one to keep your principles is a victory.

Deflagrating under the sun of verify to be strong enough to catch the moon of success is a sweetish ending.
Truly accessing the point that has no return needs going upstream not vice versa to go back tenuously ,plus Satisfaction is a strong beginning to break the vicious cycle of weakness.

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