Buy me a heart...


when everything finishes only the pillars of friendship could resist and carry the roof of our happy gatherings.

Either we are one or two nothing can impede the sense of oneness to surround us and our journey will not be ended even after reaching the land of recovery.

It is a lie

But all I wanted

ls my joyful life to be back , my honest smile to be drawn on my face and my heart to go to the drawing board to take what could make it pumping tolerance.

After all

I could put you in my memories as a blessing was meant to be for anyone but not me.

You could go by

Going back on your fragile promises , choosing to leave peacefully with hoping a good luck to gain.


Don’t ignore the person who gave you a warm care when your life seemed frozen.

The one who put himself in pain just to support you even with doing less and hoping more.

The person who regarded you as a gift that could be given to someone better .

The person who kept saying iam sorry for being hurt and thank you for having a few moments in happiness.


The person who promised and did a lot to meet .


Don’t feel superior..

Don’t be hypocrite....

Don’t hope to be forgiven coz your way to returning back to your real path has been paved by tears and pain.


Don’t come when you feel alone

I am not a hotel room

don’t seek my help

I am not your servant


you wanna my forgiveness

Buy me a heart

which carries no hatred

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