I dare you to hate me more..

Am I your sins that you should pay for?

Am I a bigger to close your door?

Plainly dancing in the rhythm of the hard questions whose answers are extremely harsh to avoid being a broken lover may help me to be a good dancer but a hated person instead.
Irrespectively the attempts to tranquilize my detonable soul simply made me discomfort .
Clearly to be loved by someone who has a stubborn mind and obstinate heart could bring hell around ,steal the sense of stability and violate the law of mentality.
Absolutely more pain will be felt and everything will be blamed for nothing.
And I gotta fight for my heart’s demands because i have ever been defender .
So when love can’t enter someone’s heart hatred can , factually on The way to get your feelings only hatred I got ..
And because what is broken can’t be the same for sure..
Then I dare you to hate more…..