Secure not heartless

Well in the past we would always prefer what our hearts decided without thinking a little bit of the aftermath , besides making them satisfied was the only goal we had been seeking controllably.
Unfortunately mental resolutions never been concerned on,but tirelessly worked on facilitating their jobs to convert us into strange people we had ever known.
Ones were totally different than the real and strong persons inside of us , but when everything is peaceful no need for strength just Surrendering, this would happen badly.
All people we were surrounded by knew how to strip our well-being off, if they wanted to.
Of course being and open books anyone could read and understand brought alot of pain and suffering.
Dealing with people as we were educated to do Nobely would have been changed just to protect ourselves.
But nothing could last for long as always life proves to us ,so none can spend his life giving and only frustration can be gotten, there is could be an end of giving up our rights just for others’s company and Hearst’s desires.
The right time to adopt mental decisions must come to save our dignity and let us remain humans.
Indeed comfort , confidence and more can be found just to care of what our minds order.
The rest of our lives isn’t more than the period that we have been living as a matter of destiny,so let us appreciate ourselves after a long neglecting.
So pain will be at our doors waiting for permission and it will never be welcomed.
Being mental is all about making ourselves secure not heartless.