The kidnapper

Episode (2)

She entered the hall slowly and said actually today is my last day here I don’t know if I can find another chance to see you once again or I should say goodbye forever.……she went near to the place where he used to sit and started saying be always OK ...


Take the umbrella you can’t stand under the rain take it you are gonna get sick he said I don’t wanna please let the rain wash away my sins she said hesitantly... what kind of sins that can be erased by the rain how silly you are he said .. your love she added...


No I will never give you up unless you do he said but being so close to me could drive me to hell please let me go iam the only one who is responsible for this pain she said..

Just come close let’s enjoy the view he said happily I really like Dubai do think I can get the chance to go there she asked him yup OK you can look at it from your place aha tell me about your day he escaped smartly..

What a surprise you are here long time no see he said so with kind voice and shinning eyes it is love of course hey stop dreaming she whispered ..


Turn the music I just wanna listen to that amazing song for Justin temberlake (not a bad thing to fall in love with me)she delivered this verbal message which is covered by the lyrics ..he said I like this song specially when Justin says (some people make promises and then break them ) hhhh she meant love and he meant breaking...

Hurry up my mom has been calling me oh my god I am late she said ..OK don’t be worried we gonna reach your home sooner or later he said for me I don’t wanna go to any place but stay here only her heart got the message her……

To be continued

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