Timed moments…

Doubtless everything we try to get happy moments goes in vain if we are afraid of being lonely cuz sadness and fear for remaining alone control every encounter from the beginning till the end .
Actually when words are brave to say goodbye eyes aren’t, so the cowardice of stuttering hands proves what hearts can’t therefore departure has a goal to fulfill that being for long hasn’t, and hoping more time to spend becomes an out of reach wish when we try to resist every single second to pass .
Clearly all places are tasteless whilst where feelings prevail could be a paradise if we let them dominate but definitely not fear, additionally the sense of pleasure that exists in such gatherings makes talks tasty and emotions repel .
Unfortunately regardless of insisting to stay departure could come as a sword to slay ,separate and destroy what is fragile so enjoy staying as it’s meant to be limitless and strong .
So failing to gain perfect moments is the aftermath of fearing remoteness.