Nobody will trust in me anymore. Not sad

Nobody will trust in me anywhile. No problem. I’m not sad about it. I found it after i’ve cheat them, because i haven’t B-Plans, I’ve just marked A-Plans as definitives. I haven’t a concrete idea for a business. I requested many loans from p2p lendings and i toke it as a vice. As a consecuence, I have lated in many lending platforms, because local currency (i’m living in Venezuela) has fault against the US Dollar. I have receive letters, so many letters and bothering phone message asking me for payment on these loans. But the saddest of all is this: I haven’t assume my honestly responsibility. I have promised many times a payment without acomplishing that.

Now that i really want to merge, that i really have understood that and i’m ready to rise up myself from ashes, everytime i’m asking someone to help me to repay, that person will not put any cent on me. Because everytime i have to request a loan i have descrpted on that those money i would use for repayment but that wasn’t truth at all. I used to buy some tools and chairs for my new home. Also i have tried to became a youtuber without success. Every time i’ve tried to do that my cousins used my PC, and, if wasn’t my cousins, my old brothers and little sisters toke it and that annoys my time and wasted it.

Even, if i’ve tried to make freelancing, i was scammed. I can tell that someday i have tried on but the people who would work on translation were scammers or some members who were biding for some jobs.

It’s all. Nobody will trust in me but i’m not sad. I will try to find the way to rise again and this time i hope succeed and not falling on scammers.