<<Cubans are universally proud of their health and education systems, as well as perhaps the safest…
Rollmeover Intheclover

You know, in 1959 most of the country was illiterate, poor or extremely poor, unemployed most of the year and the economy purely agricultural and controlled by US companies. It was necessary in the first place to improve these conditions for the whole people and that is not achieved in a short time. Thanks to that certain friends helped us in the economic part.
Golf courses, only a few for visitors, we consider it an extremely boring sport and representative of the same ones that made us the $$.
And casinos !! Nooo, we all disappeared it in 1960, almost all operated by the North American mafia (Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and the rest of the company, they were very pissedoff, so the CIA contracted them to assasinate cuban leaders), and nobody wants to see them back.
You know, Cuba developed its own minicomputers (PDP-9 ISA compatible, later PDP-11) in 1969–1970, and microcomputers in the late 1970s, before any other country of the then Socialist Bloc, and yes, it was a shame that we could not maintain this development, very expensive for a poor country.
Now I ask you. What do you think would have happened in another country if it lost more than 60% of its export / import capacity in less than a year? That happened in Cuba in 1991–1992. The blockade became stronger and more aggressive, causing additional damage, and you look, we resist and we are still here and “Trumpu-Nut-loose” will be one more in failed presidents with respect to us.

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