Front-End is a Scary Place

I have often said that front end developers or designers often don’t get enough credit.I have worked both front end and back-end and to tell you the truth,i shudder when i think of working on front-end.

I started off my career in web development as a web designer.Sure enough it was fun seeing your designs come to life but no one ever tells you about the scary stuff.The blunt criticism that if you are not careful may turn personal and kill your morale,the endless hours spent trying to come up with a design you are proud of.The uncertainty of clients in regards to what they want.You may be surprised how many times clients who wanted something were clueless as to what they really wanted.Often enough you’d hear “Just work your magic!You are the designer”.That statement is the beginning of many design changes.Unlike art where you draw what you want,in web design you design what the client wants,even if it makes the site appear to be having a mid life crisis or to quote Weasel from Dead pool “like an avocado had sex with an older, more disgusting avocado”.

Often enough you’d hear backend developers demean front end.I’m sure you’ve heard things like “Thats not even coding,its markup!”.Its true it is markup but it takes brilliance to turn that markup into a thing of beauty.

You can spend an entire day on a single page especially when your creative juices have run out.That same amount of time a back-end guy would have moved an entire project to production.

Its been a year since i moved to back-end.Its good i know design since now i can do the entire project from design in illustrator or Photoshop to deployment on cloud but its always the front-end i fear.Because of having worked in both ends,i have come to respect design guys .Nothing is really easy.

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