Programmers are stuck in a vicious cycle

Eat. Code. Sle…nevermind

Programmers: The true night owls of the twenty first century. Nocturnal, docile creatures. They stay up late so that you can use your favorite apps and softwares frictionlessly, without them being a pain in the neck.

The thing is, we are so hell-bent on doing what we do, that we tend to neglect everything else around us. Oh well…

The story

This year, I started working on an online forum for code collaboration for developers, called It was meant to be a side project while I worked at Vocq. The whole process was hazardous both physically and mentally. The backend was extremely complex and was never really finished. Now you know why it’s not out yet.

Let me tell you a story. It involves tireless hours of refactoring and debugging, smashing my head on the wall, punching the display and breaking a keyboard (not really).

You log in to your computer. You open your development tools. Code starts showing up on the screen as you determinedly type, thinking about your idea and how it’s possibly the next big thing.

You go to your terminal and compile your code. You see the results appearing on the console as you rejoice!


Your terminal suddenly breaks! You brush it off and recompile; the whole shebang all over again.


You stare in awe, as your prized creation backstabs you. You vow never to touch a computer again. You switch off the display and stare in utter disdain, at the empty black void, as you see your reflection staring back. Well that blew your Sunday morning…

The best method for accelerating a computer is the one that boosts it down by 9.8 m/s^2.

Sounds familiar? If you’re a programmer, you’d know. The struggles we go through to create something is truely fascinating to watch, isn’t it (Managers I’m talking to you)?

Angry? Don’t worry. You’ll fix it soon. Volatility is the key in making a substantially good programmer. Help is on its way! Some coffee and a heavy dose of Stack Overflow should amend this catastrophe. Will it?

Finding your own step-by-step approach towards failure

Having contemplated your sombre situation, you go for a long walk into the woods. Peace and tranquility fill the atmosphere with that much-needed amicable zest.

Inspiration hits you like the rays of the sun on a bright morning. You feel like switching on your monitor again!

You go back home and debug. Ah hah! You find the problem! You fix it and compile the code. It works!

All you needed was a change of environment. At times, programmers sit in front a blank screen for so long, it fries their brain. Watch out for that.

You know what sets you thinking. Walks? Food? Friends? Go ahead. You’ve worked hard enough to deserve the break.

Big O

Not to be mistaken with time-complexity. I’m talking about the expression on a programmer’s face when the compiled code is nothing like they had imagined.

Unfortunately, my day turned out to be somewhat of a total disaster. Nothing complied. Multiple crashes. Segmentation faults. You get the point.

Abrupt ending

Ok. Nothing worked. You can’t fail if you don’t try, right? We hate sleeping. It’s the least we can do to keep you from calling us for help. Oh well…

We think we know what makes a programmer tick, but the truth of the matter is that we’ve only touched the top of the iceberg. Hopefully, in the coming years we become more open and less “sitting duck”-like. Till then, I’ll see you in the next one.

Original article by Rishabh Anand

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