Staying relevant in today’s growing AI-centric corporate environment.

A detailed look at what makes AI the most formidable enemy of the 21st century…

AI (Artificial Intelligence), Deep Learning and Machine Learning have infiltrated every industry, worldwide, till date. Healthcare, Law, Food and Safety, the Aviation industry. You name it! Moreover, performing 30,000 trillion calculations per second isn’t very difficult. Easy Peezy! Right? Think again.

Don’t beat. Try to compete.

Let’s face it.

Human beings can never be as good as AI.

I know that a multitude of questions are buzzing around in your head right now. What can I do? What should I not do? How does this make me feel? If you answered, “Terrible” for the last one, you are not alone. It’s the opinion of nearly 5 million individuals around the world who have been replaced by computers and Artificial Intelligence.

We can’t beat it. Fine. Well then, what’s stopping your company from laying you off? You’d argue that there is only so much we can do to secure our place in a company that’s taking its first baby steps into this vast region of AI. This number may be small, but it’s enough to ensure that you are an indispensable asset to the company and its employees, fully capable of benefiting both with your presence. Which begs the question, what are some things you can do to throw some dirt on AI, so that you aren’t fired?

Learn and Specialize

The best thing to do is go to Stanford and get a 5 year Machine Learning PhD. Just kidding. This may seem funny but the next best thing works on the same principle.

To stay relevant and continue to “exist” in the corporate sphere, learning the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence online, by enrolling in courses from Udemy, Udacity or Coursera, doesn’t hurt. An intensive 6 to 8 month program can get you up to speed with the latest machine learning trends and kick-ass algorithms that will make you a deep learning rockstar!

If you aim to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s tech degree, enroll yourself in a course that makes you invaluable to the company you want to work in. This way, companies will feel more inclined to keeping you with them rather than letting you go!

Understanding a human’s position on the corporate hierarchy

Let’s stare blindly at the facts and hope that a miracle happens. We are way lower in the corporate stratum compared to AI. In a machine learning algorithm, numbers are thrown around everywhere like cut fruits in a blender. To a layman, a machine learning algorithm performs certain functions on a set of numbers to predict, analyze and produce results. An expert on the other hand, knows what exactly happens to these large matrices and vectors of numbers that enable it to give such accurate results. Obviously right? Nope. At times, even the greatest of machine learning experts make costly mistakes that cause entire systems to collapse. This is exactly why being perfect in your work is mandatory.

Knowing our place in the fast-moving world of AI and ML is a key milestone in achieving the same value that deep learning systems garner today. Updating your skills and becoming more “AI-centric” in your approach, comes a long way in making you something the company wants, rather than needs.

Being part of the Big Leagues

Fresh out of university with a tech degree that nobody taught you how to use? Here’s something: join the main players on the field. The Big Four, namely, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are great companies to start your career at. Fresh graduates join in on the fun to usher in that much-needed competitive zest and the challenging atmosphere that drives people to strive for excellence and develop something the world uses!

However, joining these companies as an ordinary engineer isn’t going to cut it. Nowadays, every kid in college wants to become an engineer. In such trying times, Specialization is a key factor in deciding whether a company wants you or not.

Either you’re specialized or you’re actually nothing.

Let that sink in a bit.

However, what if you really, really want to become an engineer? Well then, specialize in a specific engineering course that will guarantee you a top position at one of the aforementioned companies or your own favourites!

What exactly do these companies do?

You may wonder what the Engineers and Machine Learning experts at such companies are cracking their heads at. A small problem or the next big thing? So many questions. Very few answers. Let me tell you. They take simple global problems and issues and they use machine learning to solve. Simple. Isn’t it?

However, bear in mind that this endeavor does take time. The right data, the right machine learning model and the right hyper-parameters for the perfect prediction. This all seems to nicely fit into the equation here. Mind you, they cannot afford to have any bugs in their code. People around the world are going to using these pieces of technology everyday. Perfect code takes ample time. Usually some of which, take more than a few years to fully develop till perfection.

In a nutshell

Hopefully you have understood the gist of what this article wants to convey. The message is simple, really – AI can be a bane to our existence if we allow it to. AI is a really powerful game-changer if used in the correct manner. “Befriending” it and harnessing the great computational power that tags along with it, will certainly ensure your corporate success.

I want to thank all of you for reading this short article on staying germane and admissible in this fast-paced world bolting towards Artificial Intelligence at unimaginable speeds. To all those individuals who are planning on joining AI companies after graduation or are planning to take your first steps into the world of AI, I wish you the best of luck. Be steadfast in your approach towards learning what makes AI tick. Till then, I’ll see you in the next one!

Original article by, Rishabh Anand

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