On Opalgate
Coraline Ada Ehmke

Except that none of that is true. Elia is not transphobic, the tweet was not transphobic, you took it out of context and were told all of this before you decided to go off the rails and blow up his life. He was discussing a video he had watched on gender teachings. You were not in the conversation at all. It was not transphobic at all, he’s never made any transphobic comments. You attempted to extort him by asking to donate o a charity of your choice after you publicly took him down. None of what you wrote is even remotely true at all. You attacked a person you don’t even know, in a very horrible, public way, over a tweet you took completely out of context from a conversation you were not a part of after you were told you took it out of context and were not a part of the conversation. You need to apologize for your actions. They are not justifiable at all. You are lying and a hypocrite. You tried to force a CoC upon an org that had done nothing wrong. You bullied them, shamed them, relentlessly, without apology, for no reason. Adapting a CoC after being bullied is not genuine. It is not okay to attack people like you do, and did.You were wrong. You were incredibly wrong and you refuse to apologize. It’s sick and maddening. Stop lying. Stop being a hypocrite. Stop being a bully.

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