Why you GIRLS seek ur’ supports???
 Betrayl by others 'nd then reports …….. Why u can’t hide ur’ feeling and thought,
 Dn’t you understand that would make you weak a lot.
W’thr a brother, sister ,specially a lover,
 Why you always need to explain other ..... Why do always raise à question on virginity??
 Is the only thing which make sense 
 If it is yes, proved our purity hence ......
Know your importance and preciousness
It’s time to wake up,bump up
 wave up ur' standard
 Let be off, idiotic unanswered ....
Do you Forget ur guardians who feel pleasure,
 For them you like precious treasure .....
 Why never a scedule made for guy???
No limit,inquiry,boundry rather give permission to fly
If it’d happen something wrong, how easily they explains that’s not by my boy,
But sometime it takes the shape of daminies 
 Who cried and tried but eventually died ....
 Let’s discover a new world
We Don’t want DAMINI other .....

By ms.upadhyay