Top Ten Mobile Game Development Companies In India

Top Ten Mobile Game Development Companies In India

Mobile game development has become a global business owing to the rapid advancements in science and technology. Creating variety of immersive and exclusive mobile games using the latest technologies has drastically increased the numbers of smartphone users all over the world. If we look at the industry of mobile game development globally, you can observe that it is mainly influenced by two major players namely-iOS and Android. This has further resulted in an increased demands of creating both iOS and Android games for the avid gamers.

In this article we will focus upon the leading ten mobile game development companies in India. India although a developing economy is not too far from getting into high-end technology related business. Mobile game development involves working on both latest technologies and creative skills. India boasts of possessing both and hence has created a strong mark in this industry. Game development companies in India are well versed in creating customized and engaging games to attract avid gamers from all parts of the world.

Let us go through a list of the current top 10 mobile game development companies in India:

99 games:

This is an award winning Indian gaming studio situated at Udupi in Karnataka. Founded in 2008, this studio has more than 15 game titles, global awards and 20 million downloads. With a team of writers, artists, gamers, coders and designers this studio has been successful in creating variety of immersive games for all types of gamers throughout the world.

Some of the noteworthy games of 99 games include: Battle Con, Exceed Fighting system, Pixel Tactics, Millenium Blades, Temporal Odyssey, Witch Gun etc.


Games2Win Media:

This one of our leading publishers and creators of mobile games. It has more than 50 games in its portfolio, more than 10 million monthly unique users, and more than 23 million active users. The games created by this organization have world class design qualities and can be played both online and offline. Also the games are highly engaging with respect to storytelling to attract the gamers. This organization came into existence in October 2006 under the leadership of Alok Kejriwal in Mumbai.

Popular games for iOS and Android category: Parking Frenzy India, The Raging Bull, Car Simulator Extreme, Boost Power Cricket, Car Parking Puzzle Game, Emergency Car driving Simulator, Ultimate Bus Driving-Free 3D Realistic Simulator etc.


Zapak: is an online gaming portal owned privately and promoted by Reliance Big Entertainment. It was launched in the year 2006. This portal consists of games from different genres-arcade, action, racing etc.

Popular games from each category:

Racing: Max Fury Death Racer, Monster Truck Fever, Speed Maniac, Age of Speed etc.

Arcade: Time Connect Game, Tambola Game, Super Slots Game, London Cabbie Game etc.

Action: Dynamite Train Game, Zombie Mall Game, Runaway Game, Stealth Sniper Game etc.


Dhruva Interactive:

Rajesh Rao founded this company in Bangalore in 1997. With seasoned developers, designers and artists, Dhruva Interactive has successfully created diverse games for Android, iOS, HTML5 platforms and windows mobile. It is regarded as one of the leading game developers in India offering art production services to the industry of global games. It has its own gaming studios-one in Bangalore and the other in Dehradun.

Noteworthy games of Dhruva Interactive: GloFlo, Spooky Treats, Nano Swat, Capt’n Sharky, Bazzle etc.


Juego Studio:

Juego Studio is a game design and development company started in 2011 under the esteemed leadership of Suman Balakrishna. It comprises of proficient game designers, developers, artists, animators and technology experts who work with the latest and emerging technologies in creating immersive and distinctive games for global gamers. With more than 150 team members this company boasts of 250+ successful projects, 80+ international clients, start-ups to Fortune 500 client base etc. It has got 5 offices spread across distant areas within India and abroad.

Some of the noted games created by Juego Studio are: Pro Feel Golf, Kitty Run, Super Club Soccer, Tree World, Medal of War etc.


Red Apple Technologies:

This is one of the reputed brands in India serving the industry of mobile game development. Established in 2011 under the guidance of Mr. Arup Roy, Red Apple has been successfully catering to the growing demands of creating diverse genres of mobile games for gamers in India and abroad. This organization consists of skilled developers, designers, animators, artists and managers who are proficient in offering customized services for all types of game enthusiasts. Within a span of 8 years, it has created a strong presence in India, US and Sweden and has successfully completed 200+projects.

Notable games created by Red Apple Technologies are: Bow Hunter, Theme Park Mania, Pizza Maker Kids Pizzeria, Swing Master Poka etc.


BR Softetch:

Established in 2010, this company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company located in US, Canada, India and Australia. With more than 150 highly skilled team members, BR Softech uses the latest generation technology in creating diverse immersive games to meet the tastes and preferences of avid gamers across the globe.

Notable genres of games developed by BR Softech: Slot game development, Chess game development, Ludo game development, Casino game development etc.



Founded in 1998, this Indian organization is quite prominent into game development and animation. It uses the latest technologies for creating engaging games, stunning graphics,appealing UI/UX and exclusive animation. It has its presence in Kokata, Jaipur and Allahabad in India. It offers the different types of mobile game development services to its existing customers across the globe.



This is an interactive media studio and game development agency. It is mainly into creating cross platform video games for the purpose of education and entertainment. It incorporates the latest tools, technologies and resources for making games distinctive and immersive for attracting and retaining gamers across the globe.

Some popular games created by this game development agency are: Booklings (Educational), The Girl Rising Game (Educational/Casual/Puzzle), Huerons (Puzzle), Circulets (Casual, multiplayer) etc.



Nile Games and Future Technologies is a prominent gaming and technology service provider in India and abroad. It facilitates in offering diverse ranges of game development services using advanced technologies like Cocos2d-x, HTML5, Unreal, Unity3d.

Popular games created by Nileegames are: Family Camping (HTML5), Summer Dance Off (HTML5), Standing Roller Coaster (VR) etc.



We have listed top 10 mobile game development companies in India and have shown their expertise in creating games of multiple genres. It has been seen that the Indian game development companies are doing pretty well with their game development services in both domestic and international markets.. Hope this list will help you in having a fair idea about the contributions of the Indian game development companies towards the industry.