You Have Seen Me!

Hi I’m Vimal Anand, Nice to meet you.

Hello Vimal! Have we ever met before?

No, I don’t think so.

Vimal, I have seen you somewhere.

Good Afternoon fellow toastmasters and welcome Guests.

The one thing most people tell me first is “I have seen you somewhere”

I’m not a celebrity, I’m not your Gym Coach, I’m definitely not that bouncer at the Pub which you went last Saturday.


I’m that Guy who studied with you in your school,

That Guy who is

  • Dark
  • Tall
  • Big Built
  • Sits at the last bench and pass humorous comments on Teachers
  • Don’t Gel up good with Girls
  • Below average in studies
  • And whose father is a Politician.

Yes I’m That Guy and You have seen me!

So by now most of you all know or at least assumed who I am, I don’t want to tell you more and make you bored.

I’m gonna to talk about few of the important incidents of my life which made me the person I am now.

It was the business end of School life, Everyone was studying really hard for the 12th public Exam. My School Principal rushed into my class and went near to the board and wrote…

Students who score between

100–90 %— You get into Top colleges like SSN and St Joseph

90–80 %— You will get a good Engineering college inside Chennai

80–70% — You will get an Engineering college outside Chennai.

And Suddenly he shouted ‘Vimal’ and I stood up.

If you are going to get marks like Vimal. You are definitely going to end up in an Arts college outside Chennai.

He humiliated and he left…

That was hurting. I went to my parents later that day and told them that no matter what, I am going to become an Engineer.

Then came the exam day I studied really hard, I did not want to fail in the Exams, I was pretty good in Mathematics and but I was equally bad at other subjects.

On the result day Surprisingly I cleared all exams and not surprisingly got 60 percentage. That’s when I knew there is an option called Management quota and with that I ended up in an engineering college inside Chennai studying Computer Science Engineering.

And In college, The same story continued…

Yes, you have seen me there too.

I sit last in the class and first in the strike. And the studies part, I had the privilege of having a history of 40 arrears.

When I entered the final year I had 24 arrears. I lost all hope of becoming an engineer. I should have got the advice from “Mr. Loganathan”, my School Principal and should have studied in an Arts college outside of Chennai without burning a big hole in my Dad’s pocket.

This time HOD rushed into the class and went near the Board, And he wrote “Final year project” and told us that we have to form a Group of 3 for doing the project and I thought I can team up with two of my close friends and enjoy final year too.

But I was wrong, Everyone wanted a better teammate to work in the Final year Project, Students who scored 80 percentage wanted a 90 percent to be in their team. And the 70s wanted a 80 to be in their team. No one wanted Vimal to be in their Team.

I was let down by my friends for the first time in life.

Initially I was angry on them.

  • When you need to bunk the class!
  • When you need to fight with other department students!
  • When you need to Strike against the college management!!!


But when you are doing a project then you don’t need him.

But gradually I realised everyone was doing it right! That’s the final year, everyone wants to go out of college with the Engineer badge on their chest. I was the one who was Wrong.

Then I picked two people who was left alone like me. I convinced them that we are doing project on our own and we are not going to buy any project from IEEE project centre for sure.

I was working hard, It was very interesting to do. I was very excited to show my project output to everyone. Whenever I showed the project to my friends and teachers they were telling me some negative points on how my project could be a fail. I took those points as a task and sometimes as a challenge. I started rectifying the issues in my project. That’s when my Teachers started believing me. There was a buzz around the Staff room about me. Everyone wanted me to clear all the exams and so did I.

Exam day

I did the project well and I got great marks.

Now its time for the real exams, I was having sleepless nights of preparations, And was confident of Clearing the Papers.

Results announced

Everyone was happy about my results, I cleared all papers except 4, I knew I was going to wipe out those in the next six months but still I was Disappointed. I worked in a BPO to improve my English. I opened a Men’s Wear Retail shop with my Friends. My life was smooth.. Still I was not happy.

It took me 4 years and 6 months to become an Engineer and 6 more months to get a Job as a Software Developer.

It was not that easy, But finally I got a placed in a US based Software company.

That is one of the best day of my life!

Yes, I officially become a Software Engineer.

You know There is one guy in every office who might have struggled initially but would have bounced back from any worst situation he faced. He don’t shy away from working hard day and night even on a 5 day stretch and projects himself that in his school/college he was trained to work hard like that. He gets the Hike and the Promotions unusually before everyone else and gets on to the leading roles in no time. You’ve all seen that guy right?

Yes, You have seen me there too.