Decode Your Millennial Consumer and Act Accordingly!

‘Millenials’… The term we hear often, but we rarely ponder what works for them! We always have this notion that we have to do things differently now to catch their attention and convert them into potential audiences. But, what do we do differently? What is the X factor that drives them? Maybe the answer lies in conventional ways, but, with some newness. This generation has seen transitions in technology and innovations. They were born in the era of landline phones and VCP cassettes and had seen the world around them evolve into Artificial Intelligence like Alexa and Siri, that does everything for them. So, if you think, they will buy the conventional ways of customer services, then, maybe you are wrong. Millennials know how they desire to be treated in business communications. It is a generation of consumers represented by the digital system that they have known since childhood.

Here are some ways to do it differently for the millennials:

Lure Them With Content

Authentic opinions and attractive content is the way to grab the attention. Millennials wouldn’t know who sits next to them in their class, but, trusts the reviews posted by the ‘gadget expert’ and guess what, they even have an app installed in their phones, so that they never miss an update!

The Big Gram Is Where You Should Be Living

Instagram! They have a chilled frappé, post it on Instagram. They are out on a weekend trip, post it on Instagram saying ‘how travelling liberates the soul’. They bought a new lipstick, post it on Instagram quoting ‘how this lipstick matches the soul’! So, your business should be live and kicking on Instagram to match with the quote ‘be digitally active or go home’!

Connections In Real Life

Food meet? Gadgets review meet? Meet for the one-liner content writers? Millennials always love to meet the person, or the group of people who have been glueing them to their phone screens, understanding and meeting them in person enhances the feeling of personal touch. Meet them in person and understand what drives them personally and professionally, their likes and dislikes, their taste, to curate customised blockbusters as they will be the future of what you are pitching now.

Organic Should Be Your Mantra

Harvesting your potential millennial consumers’ interest is to make them believe that your content was created with their interest in mind and not their wallet. This way they are more organically invested in purchasing your products or services. These people appreciate honesty and frankness, and brands with transparent campaigns always win.

Millennials, the group of people, bigger in height and intelligence, who have lived their whole lives involved in the internet, social media, Wifi, Smartphones, in this digitally dominating world and have little knowledge of the more customer services and expectations that controlled the consumer scenery only a few years ago. Digitalabs believes in this very belief as this digital marketing company helps to cope with their clients in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.