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I am a Google fanboy. I have been using Google products for everything I can. So when I became interested in music streaming I subscribed to Google Play Music All Access. In the last few months I have built up a 150 song playlist called Alternative/Rock which is surprisingly filled with Alternative and Rock songs. To build up this playlist I would start a radio station based off the playlist and listen to that, then when a song I liked came on I would add it to the playlist. This was going wonderfully until I began listening to this radio station very regularly on my commute to work. Then I began to notice a pattern to the radio station, a lot of songs and artists would play almost every time I started the radio station. This is what I found:

The Foo Fighters, one of my favorite rock bands was the worst of the bunch. Despite only having about 10 songs in my playlist they would come up sometimes as often as a third of the songs, there was one time there were 5 songs in a row by the group. I love the music but I can only take so much at a time, I want some variety.

Sugar Ray, Green Day, and 311. These are all artist who have in my opinion a few good songs, but none of them had been added to my playlist yet. It was very common to see all 3 of these artists have 1 song (each) show up in the playlist with normally at least 2. Green Day normally had a song from their album Dookie and Sugar Ray usually had one from their album 14:59.

Cumbersome and Hey Man, Nice Shot. These songs weren’t as common as the artists but that is expected because it is just 1 song rather than a whole collection from an artist. But I hear these all the time.

These were the absolute most common songs and artists that showed up. There are others but they either didn’t annoy me as much or were just less frequent. Some of them that I have began to notice are Filter (who made Hey Man, Nice Shot), Hoobastank, and Limp Bizkit. All who normally only show up with 1 song. These were found in some quick research I did recently when I got curious and refreshed the playlist a handful of times and screenshot the best examples of the pattern. Here are some of the screenshots:

When I have sometime I plan on continuing this by recording the first however many songs that show up in a spreadsheet to collect some real data on what is showing up. The formula has seemed to change a bit already by shifting some songs in and out of the playlist, I have definitely decreased the amount of Foo Fighters songs a little bit.

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