Help Fight Covid-19 and earn some Tezos!

For many years now, I have been a fan and supporter of a project called folding@home, if you have not yet heard about this project here is the minimum of what you should know:

  • F@h was created by Pande Lab ( part of Stanford University and Stanford University Medical Center )
  • Pande Lab has produced more than 200 scientific papers as a result of F@h
  • F@h lets you install a program on your computer to help scientific research
  • That program tries to calculate protein folding, it is like Mining but for something useful
  • If we understand Protein folding, we can cure a ton of diseases, including covid19

In the last few days I have seen many people in the crypto community become very concerned about covid19, I thought that a good amount of them probably have gaming pcs or old mining rigs, so I encouraged people to start F@h with this tweet:

A lot of Tezos community Members saw that and added a few of their Tez to the pot, I set up a dedicated Donation Address, that at the time of writing, contains more than 150 Tezos!

The address is:


And all of those Tez will be paid out to lucky Tezonians that contribute to Folding@Home, So here is how to do that:

How to get started With F@h

First, go to this Website and download the Programm:

After installing and starting, you will be greeted by a screen like this:

The most important thing here is “Change Identity”, this lets you change the name of your Worker, and join a Team, in order to qualify for the bounty-tezos, you need to make a new team, and set the team name to a tz Address, so create a new team here:

After registering a new Team, you get a Team-Number that you have to enter in the Client, and you are all ready to go!

After About a Day or so, your Team will appear in this list here:

And on March 30, just like I promised in the Tweet, I will pick the Tz Address with the most credits on this List, and send them the bounty!

( Depending on how many people contribute, and how may donations I get, I might send tezos to the top-3 or 5 and not just one Address )

This is all you need to know to earn some Tezos and do something useful in the process….so you better start folding!

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