What do refugees dream of? The things all of us want.
Tara Todras-Whitehill

Who wants to be refugee? Nobody.

People in Africa, Arab countries, Latinamerica would love to stay at home, follow their culture, offer their children a home at home.

It is us in the West who treated these people as pure objects, not as humans. 
And now we wonder that they are coming in millions to avoid mismanagement and corrupt governments, as installed and maintained by western governments.

'Dynamic, not stability' should be the aim for foreign affairs, as only this will bring development. Education should be high on the agenda with all sideaspects, such as knowledge transfer, social reputation for educated people, motivation etc. No exploitation anymore, but fair treatment of economic relations and advantages on both sides, when it comes to trade and financial deals. No support of corrupt political elites anymore.

And then no refugees will come to Europe and USA anymore.